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The Estates of Oakwood Glen is a community located in northwest Plano, Texas, with over 325 residents. We take pride in our neighborhood, our city and our way of life! We invite you to explore our site and discover all we have to offer!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

June 2009 Homeowners Newsletter

Family Picnic

The family picnic was a great success. Food was catered from the Hamburger Man.  The DJ kept everyone entertained throughout the evening. Thanks to Jenny Crossland and Jill Nay for arranging this fun event for our neighborhood.


Pool News

The pool is used daily during the summer months. Please remember to obey all rules. The number one rule is to ALWAYS keep the gate closed. Do not prop it open. There are many young children that could wander in or out when the gate is open. Also, the city has strict codes and we would be shut down instantly, and fined, if the city comes for an inspection and finds the gate propped open.


While playing with water balloons is fun, please refrain from using them at the pool. The broken balloons clog the pool filter. The balloons left laying on the ground melt and get gooey. We have had complaints about the melted balloons sticking to shoes and feet.


Also as a reminder, no pets are allowed in the pool or pool area.


Tennis Courts

The upper tennis court had some vandalism recently. The cable to the net was snapped. Food and drink was scattered over the court.  The tennis courts are used on a daily basis and there were some unhappy tennis players.  Tennis cannot be played when the courts are damaged. No food or drinks are allowed on the courts.


Yard of the Month   

Celi Paciello at 2137 USA won the Yard of the Month for June. Celi recently redid her front yard. New shrubs and flowers were planted. Her yard is always neatly mowed. The flower beds are colorful and weed free. Congratulations Celi for winning the Yard of the Month sponsored by Calloway�s Nursery.


Fri, June 19, 2009 | link

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Is Here!

How Much Water Does My Yard Really Need?


Water deeply and infrequently� Water for shorter amounts of time� Water 1� a week... What does all that mean?


First You need to Know Your Yard:

1.        Know the Areas Covered by each sprinkler zone/station.

2.       Know Shaded versus Sunny Areas.

3.       Know Your Soil.

4.       Know Your Sprinkler Heads


Know the Areas Covered -- For automatic sprinkler systems, run each zone/station to determine exactly what area is covered by each station. Know flower bed zones versus grass zones. Grass roots grow to an average depth of 4�, bed plants can vary from 6� to 12� or more. Different root growth means water needs to sink to different depths. Shallow roots (grass) needs less watering time. Deeper roots need more watering time, but the water needs to be absorbed � that means giving flower beds 2 �drinks� with time to absorb the water in between the waterings.


Know Shady vs. Sunny Areas Areas in full sun will dry out faster than shady areas. Shady areas will need less water than sunnier areas.  Coordinate the time per zone to the amount of sun each zone gets. Sunny areas need more water, but the water needs to be absorbed � that may mean giving sunny areas 2 �drinks� with time to absorb the water in between the waterings.


Know Your Soil -- Most of the soil in our area is clay based, even if your yard has amended soil it probably is still slow to drain.  Ground that retains water longer needs less frequent water.


Know Your Sprinkler HeadsThere are 3 basic types of sprinkler heads:  

Rotors spray and sweep when they water � these heads apply water in bigger drops and slowly � they typically need 20 to 30 minutes per cycle.

Pop-ups spray a designated arc pattern but don�t move � these heads apply smaller drops of water in a faster amount of time � they typically need 6 to 10 minutes per cycle.

Drip a hose either above ground or below ground that slowly drips water directly into the ground � they typically need 20 to 30 minutes per cycle.


Second  You need to understand some basic watering concepts:


         Run-Off - You have probably seen it, it�s the point in the watering cycle when the ground gets full and can absorb no more water � the excess water runs off.  This point varies per the above �Know� conditions. 

         Cycle & SoakKnowing and respecting the absorption rate of your yard is key. Run a watering �cycle� just long enough (prior to run-off) to saturate the ground.  The next part �soak�, is the amount of time you need to let your yard absorb the applied water, allow anywhere from 2 � 6 hours before the next water cycle.


Understanding where, when, and how much water we use is the important in beginning to conserve one of our most precious resources.  Twice a week during spring weather should be a sufficient number of waterings using the times and conditions stated above. 


Still unsure? You can carry out an audit of your system for exact water application rates of your system or contact a Certified Irrigation Auditor or Licensed Irrigator to help.

Wed, June 3, 2009 | link

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