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The Estates of Oakwood Glen is a community located in northwest Plano, Texas, with over 325 residents. We take pride in our neighborhood, our city and our way of life! We invite you to explore our site and discover all we have to offer!
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall 2010 Newsletter - Oakwood Glen Estates

Pool, Tennis & Clubhouse News

There are still a few brave souls that are enjoying the pool. I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation this summer with following the pool rules and considerate etiquette while using the Oakwood Glen amenities center. The vandalism and maintenance was minimal this summer. 


The upper tennis court had some work done to it. The four-foot fence section and gate was changed to match the rest of the ten-foot fence. New windscreens were also added. Please remember that the upper tennis court is to be used strictly for tennis.


Crime Watch Coordinator

Neal Katz has volunteered to be our new Crime Watch Coordinator. This past year Neal was chosen the Outstanding Citizen of the Year by the Texas Crime Prevention Association. This is a once a year award presented to a volunteer that works with their local police department in the crime prevention area. Congratulations Neal! Neal joined the Plano Citizens Police Academy in 2004 and has been President of the organization since April 2009.  Please visit the members only section of our website to read more about Neal�s volunteer services and the functions of the Plano Citizens Police Academy Association.


Thank you to Dalynn Montgomery who has been our Crime Watch Coordinator for many years. Dalynn is stepping down from this job but will still be our Block Captain Coordinator. Please email Dalynn at Dalynn.montgomery@verizon.net if you need anything to be sent to the block captains. This includes crime information, lost or found pets, or anything else related to OWG neighborhood activity.


National Night Out

October 5th is Plano�s NNO. In the past, some of the blocks have had informal gatherings. This is a great way to meet new neighbors or reacquaint with old. Check with your block captain to see if there is an event on your street!


Yard of the Month

Our neighborhood looked very nice this summer. We appreciate everyone keeping up the appearance of their yard. This is one way to keep our property value up. We would like to make a special mention to several homeowners. The first is Tom and Raylene Juneau at 1912 Paris. The Juneau�s won the YOM for August. September�s winner was Tammie and Dylan McCarra at 7605 Waasland. 7613 Hove, the home of Pater and Gail Grau is the winner for October. Check out these homes on the Yard of the Month section of the website. Congratulations Juneau�s, McCarra�s, and Grau�s.


Halloween Party

Saturday October 23 is our annual Halloween costume party. More information will be coming via your block captain and on the website.


Garage Sale

This year�s annual garage sale was a success. Thank you Gregg Stengel for once again organizing the sale. It�s never too early to start planning for next years garage sale!


Family Night

Chelle Barker is planning a Friday night family night for families with young children. If you would like to participate in the fun, contact Chelle at  chellebarker@hotmail.com.



A family of bobcats has been spotted several times by the park and on the bike trail between Waasland and Red River. Please be careful when using the trail. The kittens are playful, but their parents are not far away, and they are very protective of their young. Please warn your children to keep away if they see them.


Safety and Consideration

We have had a request to warn parents about children playing in the alleys, especially before and after school. While it is great for kids to be outside, the alleys are dangerous places especially with the curves in the alley.


We have also had a request for homeowners to pick up after their pets while walking throughout the neighborhood. Oakwood Glen HOA supplies the dog bags at the park on Waasland, please use them when needed.

Sat, October 2, 2010 | link

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