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The Estates of Oakwood Glen is a community located in northwest Plano, Texas, with over 325 residents. We take pride in our neighborhood, our city and our way of life! We invite you to explore our site and discover all we have to offer!
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer 2011

Family Picnic

We had a nice turnout for the family picnic.  Thank you to Sebron Hood for coordinating the picnic. We had a Texas style bbq catered by Eddie Deen. A DJ kept us entertained throughout the evening. A lot of people met new neighbors and connected with old. It was a great gathering and many are already looking forward to next year�s picnic!


Yard of the Month

We have so many homes in our neighborhood that have great curb appeal. It is so nice to hear positive comments about the homes in our HOA. We have teamed with Calloway�s Nursery for a Yard of the Month Program. We would like to thank Calloway�s for their generosity each month. The Mabry�s at 1801 Belgium was the winner for April.  May winner was The Coralli Family at 7521 Hasselt. Tammy and Forrest Dillon at 7636 Hove was the June winner. And Andy and Jenny Burnett at 7513 England won for the month of July. These homes all keep their shrubs and lawn neatly trimmed, weed free, and colorful flowers in their yard. Congratulations to the latest Calloway�s Yard of the Month winners!



It is great to see so many families use the pool and facilities. Pool rules are posted on the wall. Please follow them. In addition to those rules, the OWG board cannot stress enough to please keep the pool gate closed at all times! It is city code for all public pools to have a self closing gate. If the gate remains propped open we will receive a fine and the pool could be shut down. More importantly, it is very dangerous when the gate is  propped open of the chance a young child could wander into or out of the pool area. If you enter or leave the pool and the gate is propped open, please close it. There is no reason for the gate to be open. Please consider the safety of others in regards to the pool gate.


There is a 6 guest rule for the pool.  If you are renting the clubhouse, any swimming guest over a total amount of 6 people will be a $2 charge. If you are swimming and not renting the clubhouse, you may only have up to 6 guests.


Water balloons are prohibited from the pool area. They clog the pool filter, and melt onto the pool decking. Walking on a melted balloon is like walking on gum. Please help keep the pool equipment working properly by not using water balloons.


We are having a lot of issues with people, especially teenagers, asking members and pool users to let them into the pool because they �forgot their key�.  If they do not have their key with them, you can be assured that they do not have a key at all. These people then climb the gate to leave. Climbing the gate causes damage to the gate and fence, and messes up the electronics. Last month the pool gate fell on a small person opening it up. That gate is extremely heavy and the person is lucky not to have sustained any injuries.  Do not let anyone you do not know into the pool area.



Last month, in the middle of the day, a smash and grab occurred in the parking lot at the clubhouse. Please do not leave anything in your car that would be enticing, such as a purse, wallet, cell phone, ipod, or keys. It only takes seconds for a car window to be broken and items taken from it.


A few weeks ago several vehicles on Brugge Court and Waasland were broken into. Again, leaving anything of value in your vehicle looks good for a criminal.


Another thing the OWG board would like to stress is to keep your garage door shut, even during the day.  It only takes moments for someone to dash into your garage and run off with any tools, yard equipment, golf clubs, or anything else in your garage that you value.



Monthly assessments are due on the first of each month. A grace period is given to the 15th.  Any dues arriving later than the 15th of the month will be charged a late and collection fee.


Approvals are needed for any type of structural changes to your home. This includes a new fence, retaining wall, windows, roof, driveway, pool, etc. The forms can be found on the website, or you can call Advanced Association Management at 972-248-2238.


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